"UBER - GOOD OR BAD ECONOMY" (official book)

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All-in-one content: rideshare Tech & Economy

Author: Kevin Lý

Presented by LYSON MEDIA™

Published in TORONTO - CANADA since October 2016


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[ Readers Feedback ] :

Maria Brandson (Toronto): "I cried and laughed when I was reading through the book. Amazing !"

Mohamed Ali (London): "The book helps to boost my Uber driving earning"

Phuc Dat Bich (Florida): "My driving rate was low. I was worried that my Uber account would get deactivated. Thank you for the incredible book that helps to maintain my current high ratings. I definitely recommend to all Uber drivers. It's worth your money"  

Richard Dickson (Ottawa): "The book looks simple. Easy to read and understand. I thought I understood Uber & ridershare very well, but NOT ! The research and the author has given me a WOW

Davis Thach (Boston): "interesting book to read"









 Disclaimer: This book does not belong to Uber Technologies Inc. This book is protected by law under "Freedom of speech" code, Human Rights and Canadian Employment Standard Acts.

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